Municipal Building Inspection Solutions, LLC

The Problem: Municipalities find that increasing costs and decreasing revenues bring about the need for staff reductions and reduced services, or overstaffing if nothing is done. 

The SolutionMBIS, the independent building inspection consultant that functions as the municipal building department. MBIS provides flexible staffing for projects of any size while tailoring services to meet the needs of each individual community we serve in Northeast Ohio. Our highly skilled, professional inspectors deliver a comprehensive package of building inspection services so municipalities can maintain the high standards of service that residents and business owners expect from their local government. 

Trained Professionals: MBIS provides trained inspectors certified by the State of Ohio, Building Officials and registered engineers in each area of building construction to cover your staffing needs either on an as-needed or permanent basis, and we can provide services such as plan review, permit issuance and field inspections. The building department office and staff can be located off-site, freeing up valuable space and providing savings to the municipality by reducing staff, vehicles, equipment and furnishings. If necessary, MBIS can provide for the complete operation of your building department. 


  • Plan reviews
  • Building Permit Issuance
  • Residential and Commercial Building Inspections
  • Contractor Registration
  • Rental Property Inspection
  • Occupancy Permits for Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Business Maintenance Inspections
  • Vacant Property and Foreclosure Monitoring
  • Ordinance Updates
  • Response to Property Owner Questions
  • Zoning Compliance Review
  • Exterior Maintenance Code Inspections
  • Annual Reports to Ohio Board of Building Standards
  • Civil Engineering